Registration Instructions

Please note registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis after you have received your placement notification.  Certain class sections may be full by the time you are eligible to register. If your desired section is full, you may ask to be placed on the waitlist by emailing

The best web browser to use for registration is Google Chrome. We do not recommend registering on a smart phone or tablet.

Once a child has been notified of acceptance into the program, please visit the parent portal to complete steps 1 – 3. Step 4 can be completed when registration opens in June.

Please note: Registration is not complete until payment is received. Successful payments will be confirmed via email. If you do not receive a confirmation email from Brooklyn Youth Chorus after payment, please contact us.

1. Log in to the Parent Portal ( using your primary account email address and password.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.55.58 AM

2. Next to your chorister’s name, choose “Edit Child Details”. Confirm that the information is correct – especially your child’s birthdate (correct year), grade and school.

Update your child’s school by choosing the “Select” button and follow the directions. Please note: in order for a partner school discount to be activated, you must choose the school from the list rather than entering it manually in the “School (other)” area.

Once your child’s school is selected, choose the “Submit” button on the “Edit Child Details”

Reg School

3. Answer the question “Do you wish to apply for financial aid?”

If you answer “YES”, see the Financial Aid Registration Page for instructions.
If you answer “NO”, the “Update Registration” Button will appear. Choose the “Update Registration” button.


4. Please complete each section of Registration:

Registration Screen

a. Upload a current photo (Choose file from your computer and then Upload)
*A head-only picture is best.

b. Confirm that your child’s grade is accurate.

c. Confirm that your child’s school is correct. Update using the school list if necessary.

d. Choose “Your Contact Info” and confirm that the information is accurate and current. When confirmed, choose “Submit”.

e. Select the “Enrollment Contract” button. Initial each agreement statement and type your full name at the bottom. When completed, choose “Submit”.

f. Select the “Health Form” button. Complete each section with current information regarding your child’s health. All active parents/guardians type their full name to confirm the General Medical Release/Permission. Confirm that the emergency contact information at the bottom of the page is accurate and current. Choose “Submit”.

g. Select the “Permanent Liability Form” button. Read the release statement carefully. Both parents/guardians type their full name to confirm the General Liability Release. Choose “Submit”.

h. Select the “Attendance Policy” button. Parent 1 must type their full name to confirm the Attendance Agreement. Choose “Submit”.

i. Select the “Demographic Survey” button. Complete the anonymous form and choose “Submit”. You may also choose to “Decline”.

j. Select the “Pay Now” button.

k. Select which section in which you’d like to enroll your child. Please note: only the available sections will appear. Select the “Next” button.

l. Registration is considered complete and placement in desired section is confirmed when payment is received.

• To complete payment, decide if you will pay in full or if you would like to sign up for monthly payments (ie. Installments).

o Answer the question “Are you paying in installments?”

o Please note: There is a $55 fee (full year)/$30 (spring semester) for the monthly payment plan that is directly payable to TMS (Tuition Management Services) upon completing payment. Brooklyn Youth Chorus covers the fee for families receiving financial aid.

• Choose the “Next” button.

m. Your invoice will appear showing the amount you owe. Select the “Pay by Credit Card/ECheck” button. This leads you to the TMS website. You may press the back arrow in your browser to return to the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Parent Portal.

• Please note: Successful payments are confirmed via email. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact our office.

n. Enter your payment information. Select “Continue”.