Dianne Berkun Menaker Featured in GQ for The National’s “I Am Easy To Find” Album


By Mike Hilleary | May 17, 2019

“Menaker: The songs that feel like they’re interludes, they’re kind of more like washes of tone. I knew that there was this film piece. I knew that we were trying to kind of create these ethereal washes of sound where they’re more fluid. They’re definitely meant to be atmospheric. A lot of that is sliding between pitches or layering a lot of tone clusters, where they’re just kind of moving in and out of dissonant harmonies. And then, you know, I knew how to approach pieces like “Rylan,” where it’s with the band and you’ve got the backbeat going and it’s just straight ahead band energy, with all the things that you’d associate with doing that. And then the pieces are maybe a little more introspective, like “Oblivions,” where we start out doing more of a background thing, and then we take it over with this corral at the end. I think it’s really to Bryce’s credit that he has the vision to put things together that you wouldn’t expect.”

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