High Praise for Brooklyn Youth Chorus at Joan of Arc at the Stake

June 12, 2015

“The members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus (Dianne Berkun-Menaker, director), models as always of musical and dramatic confidence, appear as sheep, little beasts, they’re called, to cheer on the trial.”
The New York Times

“The orchestra plays the bright and rowdy score with gusto, and the combined excellence of the New York Choral Artists and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus give the piece a sagalike sweep.” 
New York Magazine’s Vulture

“The Brooklyn Youth Chorus (which sang brilliantly)…”
The Guardian (UK)

“The New York Choral Artists weaving the most emotional spell from their risers above the orchestra,the equally scintillating Brooklyn Youth Chorus in bipolar roles (first as a herd of sheep, then as medieval children of Lorraine).

“In one of the evening’s more whimsical turns, the trial scene (“Joan Given Up to the Beasts”) features the excellent Brooklyn Youth Chorus...”
New York Classical Review