I Care If You Listen on Silent Voices: If You Listen

I Care if You Listen

July 17, 2018

“For their part, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus endeavors to “celebrate the power of young people to be instruments of change, amplifying the voices of those who have been overpowered, marginalized, or rendered silent.” Their “Silent Voices” concert at National Sawdust last month “gave voice to” not only eight composers who all happen to identify as women; they also created space for the voices of their teen choristers to be heard. In between each of the eight compositions, different vocalists recited a miniature monologue exploring issues of gender, difference, oppression, and listening. One explained how frustrating it was to get stereotyped as “the angry Black woman who will deck you in the face;” another rattled off an astonishingly impressive rant about period stigma. Their powerful, moving spoken words glided seamlessly into song as they launched into a beautiful array of choral compositions. It was evident that the Brooklyn Youth Chorus thoroughly enjoyed the performance, particularly Shaina Taub’s stunning Huddled Masses (for which they were joined by Taub on the piano) and Shelley Washington’s The Farthest, a lively and sonically wide-ranging meditation on striving for change and for equity.

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