Splash at New York Fashion Week

September 16, 2015

NYFWThe Spring/Summer collection for rag & bone was unveiled at the new St. Ann’s Warehouse Monday, September 14. Thom Yorke of Radiohead provided a haunting track that members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus sang during the show. Fashion and music critics from Vogue, The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, to the Washington Post praised the Chorus for their beautiful sound.







Slim and sleek silhouettes, as well as sport and military references, anchored Marcus Wainwright and David Neville’s spring collection — which managed to be at once sexy and tomboyish. “Those references are the real foundations of the Rag & Bone girl and how she dresses,” said Neville backstage. Showgoers who made the trek to St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn were treated to a custom soundtrack by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and a live choral accompaniment from 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, who were stationed throughout the show behind an eerie black curtain.


Rag & Bone S/S 2016

Team work: Rag & Bone sent its collection down the runway to an original soundtrack entitled ‘Villain’, composed by Thom Yorke. A friend and regular collaborator of the label’s, Yorke’s haunting melody featured the choral talents of 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus – a collective comprised of students from over 200 schools in New York City.



On the logic that a performance space deserves a performance, Mr. Neville and Mr. Wainwright commissioned Thom Yorke, a longtime collaborator, to create an eerie, gothic-sounding score, “Villain.” It was performed with live accompaniment from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, 12 of whose members were stationed at either side of the runway.


  1. The show was soundtracked by an original composition by Thom Yorke, who invited the Brooklyn Youth Choir to perform. The singers were stationed behind a sheer curtain for the duration of the show.



The catwalk was set up in St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn where audience members were treated to a custom soundtrack by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke as well as a live choral accompaniment from 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.


AP (picked up by St. Louis Dispatch and Seattle Times)

Not to be overlooked was the music “Villain,” which was an original piece by frequent collaborator Thom Yorke, with live accompaniment by members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.




The Rag & Bone collection was unveiled at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn — one of those long jaunts from Manhattan that leave guests wondering: What’s so special about this location? Well, it offered theater seating to accommodate several hundred members of the public who had won tickets to the show. And it was also an opportunity to have the Brooklyn Youth Chorus perform. (The singers sounded lovely but it was virtually impossible to see them tucked behind sheer curtains in a far corner of the runway. We want to see the kids!)



To help get guests into the Brooklyn spirit, the brand organized a private water taxi ride to and from Manhattan (I was one of the few editors who took advantage of this, and it was quite pleasant), provided locally made snacks like Mast Brothers chocolate and mini popcorn from Dumbo-based company Pipcorn and called upon the Brooklyn Youth Chorus to provide haunting vocal accompaniment to the original show soundtrack created by Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame. Despite the trek across the water, the front row was filled to the brim with the brand’s loyal supporters, including Hailey Baldwin, Kiernan Shipka and Anna Wintour. (If she can make it to Brooklyn in the middle of fashion week, what’s your excuse?)



For the trip Monday night—which caused many guests to hire cars for the journey—the designers offered ferry service, plus Brooklyn-sourced snacks once people arrived. It was a whole-Brooklyn event. The Brooklyn Youth Chorus sang with the runway show’s soundtrack, created by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. —Ray A. Smith



Yorke’s “Villain” debuted at Rag & Bone’s runway show earlier this week, and you can now listen to the song in the video up above. It’s a haunting eight minutes that opens with just piano before, according to Pitchfork, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus enters.


The single “Villain” is a spooky, disorienting ballad that starts with one of Yorke’s crescendoing piano lines. It’s a little loose and off-center, but when 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus chime in with eerie falsettos, the song becomes much, much bigger.



According to Pitchfork, Yorke’s eight-minute cut was recorded with 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, who lend angelic, yet foreboding, vocals over unnerving piano chords. Midway through, Yorke’s rapid-fire beats kick in, creating a ghostly environ reminiscent of his latest solo LP Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.


For New York Fashion Week, Yorke composed a new song titled “Villain” to soundtrack the fashion line Rag & Bone’s 2016 collection. It’s a haunting, eight-minute track that features an ominous chorus of ooohs over a spare march of piano keys. Check it out below:
Those backing vocals were provided by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, comprised of over 200 students from around New York City. The singers performed the song from behind a sheer curtain during the show.



Thom Yorke has a longstanding relationship with the clothing label Rag & Bone. He’s soundtracked fashion shows for them a couple of times, most recently at New York Fashion Week in 2013. And now he’s done it again. Yorke has contributed a new eight-minute song called “Villain” to this year’s Rag & Bone New York Fashion Week show. Yorke recorded it with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, as Thom Yorke Rules reports. It’s a wordless piece that moves from ethereal ambience toward futuristic, minimal dance music. Listen to it below.The Brooklyn Youth Chorus performed the song live at the fashion show, though they were hidden by a curtain. You can watch footage of the song playing at the show at Fashionista.



Hear it below, or head to Fashionista to hear the song over Rag & Bone’s runway footage. “Villain” features vocals by 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Towards the end of the runway footage, Yorke’s track segues into Rhythm Controll’s “My House”. http://pitchfork.com/news/61220-thom-yorke-soundtracks-new-york-fashion-week-show/


Eerie and expansive, the eight-minute number alternates between dusky piano ballad and skittery IDM, with vocals provided by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.


The epic song spans a range of atmospheres and unexpected changes of scenery, starting as a clandestine and minimalist piano led piece that eventually unfurls into a deep, schizophrenic slice of IDM with additional vocals provided by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.

Yorke has worked with the fashion label before, providing music for them in both 2011 and 2013. ‘Villain’ features in their SS16 collection at New York Fashion Week and from 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus who sang live during the show earlier this week.


In anticipation of the mild spring weather, the collection also featured several crop top designs, as well as dresses with intricate cut-out details, and thin sweater dresses with a deep V-neck that were worn with off the shoulder to one side. Adding a somewhat ethereal edge to the show was the Brooklyn Youth Choir who, while concealed behind a sheer black curtain, performed a haunting composition created especially for the event by musician Thom Yorke. Combined with the warehouse’s incredible acoustics, the spine-tingling tune served to add an almost eerie reverence to the show’s atmosphere.



Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke contributed a new eight-minute song titled “Villain” as the soundtrack for a runway show from Rag & Bones for New York Fashion Week. Yorke is aided by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus on the spacey and ethereal number.



Spanning eight minutes, Yorke’s on production and piano duty, while the Brooklyn Youth Chorus provide eerie vocals. It was debuted as part of Rag & Bone’s show for New York Fashion Week – note that this has nothing to do with Colin Greenwood’srunway antics. We think.



The haunting track features vocals by 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus (who comprise of students from over 200 schools in New York City), who performed live at the event, with the music merging into Rhythm Controll’s “My House” at the end.



A new song by Thom Yorke, “Villain,” was played during the runway show for the New York fashion label Rag & Bone at New York Fashion Week this week. While the song has no lyrics or lead vocals from Yorke, it features the vocals of 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and still bears the hallmarks of a Yorke composition. It can be listened to below or you can watch footage of the Rag & Bone runway show with “Villain” over at Fashionista. The Radiohead frontman had previously soundtracked Rag & Bone fashion shows in 2011 and 2013.


THE 405

Continuing a history of collaboration with New York City brand Rag & Bone, Thom Yorkerevealed a new, eight-minute-long track called ‘Villain’ at their Spring/Summer ’16 show at New York Fashion Week. You can listen to it below.
Head over to Fashionista to see footage of the track played live at the show itself, where it was joined by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus – albeit hidden behind a curtain.


Thom Yorke’s new track, “Villain,” isn’t a runway-busting bopper—which can’t be an accident, as this is his third collaboration with Rag & Bone’s NYFW show. Introspective atmospheric piano notes stumble across vocals from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, before a snare-y beat brings the song into the more danceable Radiohead territory you might expect from NYFW.


Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has contributed a new song entitled “Villain” that will serve as part of the soundtrack to the Rag & Bone runway show at New York Fashion Week. On the track, Yorke is joined by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Listen above. On the Radiohead front, it appears as if the band is surging ahead towards their latest LP, as the group has offered several updatesfrom the studio with plans to release a new album next year.


Apparently the New York Fashion Week is the perfect place for superstar artists to premiere new tunes. Just yesterday Kanye West dropped a new track at his own Yeezy Season 2 fashion show, and now Thom Yorke is at it, debuting an eerie eight minute piano ballad at the Rag & Bone runway show alongside the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.

In typical Thom Yorke fashion, the track is an epic piece of avant-garde theatre. The Brooklyn Youth Chorus keep to a low hum, creeping across the eight minutes, only receding to allow some scattering industrial electronica to take over. It’s a pretty ethereal, ghostly affair. Have a listen below:


Thom Yorke is messing with our heads again. The Radiohead frontman debuted a haunting new song, “Villain”, at the recent runway show for Rag & Bone at New York Fashion Week. Closing in at just over eight minutes, the new song is an eery piano ballad underneath a stirring harmony from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus who quieten their moans only for light distortion to creep in and make way for skittery electronica, continuing to take shape until a hypnotic final minute that is in line with what we’ve come to expect from Yorke’s highly experimental solo works. Listen to the piece below.


ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp)

Thom Yorke debuted a brand new track called Villain overnight, which soundtracked a runway show for clothing label Rag & Bone in Brooklyn as part of New York Fashion Week.
The new number, which you can hear below, stretches over eight minutes and features Yorke’s beloved glitch beats, spare piano, and spooky vocals provided by the 12-strong Brooklyn Youth Chorus, which reportedly performed live behind the curtain at the fashion show.

The 10 Coolest Songs We Heard on the NYFW Runways

7. Radiohead singer Yorke has collaborated with the British brand on more than one occasion, but this time around he debuted a stunning eight-minute long number recorded with 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. His sonic signatures are unmistakeable in the spooky ballad and it was a perfectly-cool complement to the military-inspired collection.

A new track from Thom Yorke, Radiohead’s enigmatic frontman, has appeared online. It’s a jazzy number with warm vocal strands from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus; it slowly unfurls into something more overtly Thom Yorke-y as the minutes progress. The eight-minute tune has appeared as part of the soundtrack for Rag & Bone’s New York Fashion Week show.



‘Villain’ sees a growing trend in Yorke’s recent compositions exploring moody and minimal soundscapes, complimented by the haunting vocals of the GRAMMY award-winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus, before it breaks into soothing and mimimal electronica.

An ethereal and ghostly soundscape and lasting 8 minutes, the piece was recorded with 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Featuring angelic voice and unsettling piano, and Yorke’s characteristic skittering beats, the track is very reminiscent of Yorke’s latest LP Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.


Yorke debuted the ominous, brimming with tension track at New York Fashion Week overnight, where it soundtracked the Rag & Bone 2016 runway show. The haunting 8 minute piece features chilling vocals provided by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, who performed the song live behind the curtain during the show. It’s not the first time the Radiohead frontman has worked with the high fashion label, also providing the soundscape for their 2011 and 2013 collections.

As for “Villain” itself, it’s reminiscent of the kind of music Yorke — and Radiohead — have been making in recent years. It’s eight minutes long and weird and ethereal with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus providing extra vocals. It’s not a banger, is what we’re saying, but there is something interesting about it, and being “interesting” is an important part of fashion shows, it would seem.


This is not the first time Yorke has worked with Rag & Bone, having previously soundtracked shows for the line in 2011 and 2013. “Villains” is a deeply moving, darkened piano piece that comes with the assistance of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.