Brooklyn Youth Chorus
MAY 7, 2020



Our Gala is going virtual. Join Brooklyn Youth Chorus on Thursday, May 7, 2020 for an uplifting and star-studded evening celebrating our 650+ young singers. Composer-flautist and performer Nathalie Joachim and Brooklyn Youth Chorus staff members Sarah Weinberg and Megan Lemley will host from their homes in Chicago, Raleigh, and Brooklyn, respectively. With a virtual choir, performances by students and alumni, and features from some of our fantastic artistic collaborators, this livestream event is not to be missed.

Guests include:
Bryce Dessner of The National 
DJ Spooky
Composer & Conductor John Adams
Countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo
Composer Nico Muhly
Composer, Singer, & Flautist Nathalie Joachim
And many more!

No ticket is required, but we hope you will join our “28 for 28 Challenge” and donate $28 (or more!) in honor of our 28 years of service to New York City youth.


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In memory of Alan Schoenberg (4/20/1946 – 4/16/2020).
Thank you for always supporting my endeavors at BYC. I’ll never forget how excited you were to learn I’d be performing in Carnegie Hall for the first time at just 10 years old.
“Happy Trails” to you.

Love, Megan (alumna 1997-2009)


Congratulations, Brooklyn Youth Chorus!
Youth and music are resilient.
Katherine and Gary Bartholomaus


Happy 28 to BYC and congratulations Nathalie Joachim
from Marie, Naomi, and Amanda


Congratulations Nathalie from BYC Class of 2016!!

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